I haven’t made up my mind on my choice for President in 2008 because it’s still way too many months away, and frankly, I like having candidates cater to me. I like Obama for some reasons, Hillary for others, and even sympathize with some of what Ron Paul is saying about Iraq. I want to ease into this decision, so I’m listening to everyone.

By now, most of you have heard about or seen this. Take a moment to watch, if you haven’t. It’s Hillary’s somewhat clever announcement of her campaign theme song which spoofs the Sopranos finale. I read an article about it before I saw it, and got my hopes up that it would be hilarious and the song would be awesome. It wasn’t that funny, and the song choice sucks. I liked the idea for the video, but neither Hillary nor Bill was a good actor. They’re not professional actors, of course, but shouldn’t Bill be a better actor for his skill of lying? (Don’t get me wrong, I love Bill just like the rest of you.)

I didn’t dislike the video as much as Maureen Dowd. I like the Sopranos and appreciated Hillary’s acknowledgement of the hit show. I doubt she’s a regular viewer, but I’m pretty sure Bill’s a big fan. Obviously the video is a contrived attempt to connect with the people, but they didn’t choose the most popular tv show (American Idol anyone?) to parody. The video was set to please a distinct set of voters. The Sopranos was wildly popular for a cable show, but most people don’t have HBO. It was a show educated liberals could admit to watching and not feel guilty. As of now, Hillary’s voters do not include older, educated women.

For me, the most objectionable part of the video was the actual song choice. Celine Dion is a talented singer, but why would you choose one of her songs for your campaign theme song? “You and I” does not cause your heart to beat faster, which is actually a requirement for a campaign song. Trust me. It’s in that campaign funding bill that McCain put up a few years ago. You’re trying to energize people with a campaign song. You play the song at your rallies. Celine Dion makes people cry during Titanic. Maybe Hillary is a fan of Celine, and she’s sticking with her actual music preference. That’s laudable. However, if it was a choice to please some boomer ladies, that’s fine, but she didn’t win any points with me.

That’s probably the whole point of the video. Both the video and the song aren’t targeted exactly at me. That would be okay, but right now, most candidates are flirting with me, and I’m flirting back. Hillary stopped flirting with me. In any other potential relationship, that means she’s probably not interested. Pretty soon, I might stop flirting with her.