I just returned from the five-day International Caenorhabditis elegans (tiny worm) Conference at UCLA.  I heard a lot of good talks on my research area and other fields and promise to report on some of the science in another post.

The basics: over 1500 undergrads, lab technicians, grad students, post-docs, and professors who all study or have an interest in the little, soil-dwelling nematode, Caenorhabditis elegans.  In other words, a whole bunch of nerds together.  And we definitely lived up to our bookish reputation for most of the conference.  However, on Saturday night, there was a worm art show, a worm comedy show (actually hilarious), and then a finale dance.  Complete with unlimited amounts of beer and wine.  Since the lines for alcohol were long, most people got two at a time.  Just like frat guys.  By the end of the night (according to my labmate), seven police cars were needed to break up the nerd dance.  See?  Maybe scientists aren’t as nerdy as you think.

The weather in LA was insane.  75-80 degrees, no humidity, and not a single cloud in sight.  For four days.  On Sunday, we saw one weak-ass, wispy cloud.  In other words, LA’s weather achieved perfection.  I’m thinking way back in the day, someone pulled a Robert Johnson-sell-your-soul-to-the-devil-at-the-railroad-tracks-deal.  Too good to be true.

To the three high school volleyball teams on my 6:30AM flight from LA to Minneapolis yesterday morning—next time you’re on an early flight, consider skipping the airport Starbucks for your pink, sugary, raspberry mocha frappucinos to go along with your Cosmo Girl magazines.  Please.