My new apartment is on the ground floor. I love this in many ways, as it means I have lots of windows and light, plus it’s easy to get things in and out of my apartment. However, this also means that I always have to have my blinds and curtains down, if I don’t wish the guys drinking beer in the alley at 9 am in the morning to see me in my underwear.

It also means I’m privy to lots of noise and conversations. My apartment is also right near the dumpster, meaning that homeless people are frequently looking through the dumpster for cans and bottles. I awoke the other morning, to over hear this conversation:

(Sounds of cans and bottles rustling)

First homeless guy: Nice dog.

Second homeless guy: Thanks.

First homeless guy: They don’t let you take dogs into the the shelter though, do they?

Second homeless guy: No.

First homeless guy: Is it a boy or a girl?

Second homeless guy: Girl.

(More rustling).

First homeless guy: So, you think you’re going to get out of here before the winter?

Second homeless guy: I don’t know.

So, to recap, in that one conversation, we have: homeless people; homeless dogs; a search for human connection; a reminder that many homeless people die in the winter……..

It made me think, snuggling into my new mattress as I was, that maybe I should remember sometimes how good I have it.