Two more Minneapolis shows that deserve your attention! The caveat here is that my endorsement comes entirely from the presence of people I know and like being in said shows, rather than an objective analysis of the theater companies in question. Nevertheless, both shows sound interesting, I’ll be there, and the people I know are redonkously talented (it’s a technical, theater term).

First up, Naysan Mojgani, Carleton and Jeune Lune alum, is directing two one-acts for Hardcover Theater at the Bryant Lake Bowl. Called “The Dark Side of the Brothers Grimm,” the show features the older, more disturbing versions of well-known fairy tales. Information to be found here.

Second up, Jennifer Harrington is acting in Ibsen’s “An Enemy of the People,” put on by Bad Attitude Productions. I had to read this play in high school, and while not one of Ibsen’s best, it’s still Ibsen, and the subject matter is pretty timely: a doctor finds out the water supply his town plans on using for the new health spa is contaminated, and is pressured to keep his mouth shut, so as not to cost the town money. Hmmm….difficult to think of any contemporary parallels…Anyway, check out the information here.