Last week, the space shuttle Discovery passed its pre-flight overview. Concerns about the shuttle wings were widely reported in the news. After each somewhat violent re-entry to the Earth’s atmosphere, there is a small loss of the coating on the leading edge of the wing. However, this loss has not amounted to any sort of overall degradation of the wing, so the shuttle will launch as scheduled on October 23. NASA engineers did recommend replacing three of the wing panels at some point, so Discovery might be sidelined for a while after its return.

And in other, more bizarre space news…

Apparently yesterday at a campaign event, one young boy asked Rudy Guiliani if the US could handle an inter-galactic attack. Check this out. Let’s just say, I doubt it. I mean, at some point in the future, if aliens had the mind-boggling technology to travel light years to our planet, I bet they could beat the shit out of us. Granted, currently we retain the ability to nuke the planet and destroy humankind, but still, I think they would win. That said, I hope instead of re-enacting Star Trek’s most dramatic moments, we’d welcome the aliens with open arms, warm chocolate cookies, and a big helping of SpongeBob.