I walked into lab yesterday morning and noticed the clocks were set back an hour.  Could it be true?  Did I just gain an extra hour to use productively in the day?  I’ve been out of the loop in terms of current events and never actually pay attention to when exactly “falling back” is.  Usually, there’s no great consequence to be an hour early to something rather than an hour late.  Generally, I trust the lab clocks since they’re all synchronized and my university is pretty responsible about these matters.  However, when I started up my computer, the times didn’t match.  My sleek and reliable Mac reported the old time. I was slightly disappointed, but didn’t care enough to research which was telling the truth.  Later on, my mother (the ultimate source on the subject) told me the clocks change next weekend.  Where am I going with this seemingly mundane tidbit? 

Well, if you remember back to the spring, Congress wanted to try out an extended Daylight Savings Time (DST) period.  They introduced the time change three weeks earlier than usual and pushed back the return to Regular Time a week later.  I believe their arguments centered on being more fuel efficient since fewer hours of artificial lighting would be necessary.  Halfway through the summer, stats revealed that any drop in energy used for lights was washed away by an increase in driving for pleasure.

Although I thought the reasoning for extended DST was bogus, I was completely behind the move.  I’m not a big morning person.  It’s not that I’m against mornings, or that I’m really crabby when I have to wake up early.  I just would rather sleep in until it’s light and then start my day.  I’m blessed to be a graduate student with flexible starting hours, so I’m taking advantage of it now.  Of course starting later in the morning (around 9AM) means I’m in lab later at night.  Extending DST meant I could walk home while it’s still light, and that’s awesome.  I realize the amount of hours I’m awake is the same, but walking home with the sun still up gives me the illusion that I can squeeze more out the day.

What’s the point of this rant?  I think we should abolish regular time.  Who really needs regular time?  Most of the people I spoke with on this subject agreed with me, so I’m curious to see what any dissenters have to say.  Maybe I should stay on DST while everyone else makes the switch to regular time this coming weekend.  Of course I’ll go to my classes, meetings and appointments in regular time, but it’d be worth a try to stay on DST.  Any suggestions?