November 2007

After several years of making fun of them, I am a little sheepish about the fact that I am starting to come around to what the polyamory people have always espoused, though, I think, for different reasons.

Our society is losing connection between people, and has been for a long time. I don’t mean this new ‘interconnectivity’ bullshit given to us by texting and i.m. I mean a legitimate emotional connection between individuals. I think an increase in sex and non-possessive relationships would help that, but we would have to change our motivations and the way we view sex. (more…)


A couple of weeks ago, I was bitten by the love bug and now I’m smitten. You know that feeling of butterflies in your stomach you get when pass by someone you like? That giddiness that floods over you when thinking about that person? Well, I’ve been suffering from those symptoms since I saw Enter the Haggis play at the High Noon Saloon on November 14. (more…)

Alright… this one got delayed by the holiday. It was handed off to me for a look over, and then I spent several days mixing drinks and not posting… Consider it posted.

The Indecision

Ian and I have decided to try out some new drinks on the blog in the following way. One of us will propose a new recipe, without experimentation, and then we will post a description of it and how it turned out. Hopefully this will result in interesting drinks, or, at least, interesting failures. [Those who do not know this man miss out on the horror factor of what he is saying. – Ian]

Recently I found a bottle of Sour Cherry Syrup, and so I wanted to use it in something. It has a very strong flavor, so I thought it might work well as an accent to a sour of some sort, and I settled on Gin as providing the relevant dry balance. The recipe that I ended up with was:

1 1/2 Ounces Gin

1 Ounce Lime Juice

1/2 Ounce Simple Syrup

2 (large) dashes Sour Cherry Syrup

1 (large) dash Herbsaint

1/2 Egg White

Shaken hard and strained into a cocktail glass with a cherry –

Cherry Herbsaint

This wasn’t bad, though it could use some tweaking. The combination of Herbsaint and Sour Cherry Syrup was excellent, though the quantities basically overwhelmed most of the gin and lime flavors, and the simple syrup was probably unnecessary. The pale pink color was surprising – I was expecting something darker in color, but not unpleasant either. In the future I think it would be improved by either removing the simple syrup altogether and lessening the size of the dashes (they are large mostly because I wasn’t paying sufficient attention). Something like the following would probably have a better balance:

1 1/2 Ounces Gin

1 Ounce Lime

2 Dashes Simple Syrup

2 Dashes Sour Cherry Syrup

1 Dash Herbsaint

Depending on how this turns out it might be interesting to increase either the lime juice or the lime juice and gin together. Another way to solve the same problem would be to add the Sour Cherry Syrup to the bottom of the cocktail glass along with the cherry before straining the drink into it. This would probably be distinctive looking, but might leave the drink as a whole unbalanced at the beginning (and too sweet at the end). I think it’s worth a try as a variation, at least.

The only problem with the drink so far is that the cherry and licorice flavors are overpowering the gin and lime flavors, so once those become a little better balanced (and I think the simple syrup is the main culprit here) the drink should be very nice indeed.

So I was reading through the comment spam logs because it was that or doing the work I have to hand in tomorrow and I came across one which actually seemed to have a point behind it, and was not, in other words, a series of links to pornography.


This article at on where significant concentrations of bacteria can be found starts out on an almost reasonable footing, talking about kitchen sinks (they recommend bleaching them twice a week) and airplane bathrooms. The recommend, by the way, putting the lid down before flushing (a recommendation I’ve heard before*, and cheerfully ignored that time as well). But it doesn’t take long before the article goes a little off the deep end… (more…)

There are two new Interplanetary Soul Commissions up. I apologize for the rambling and the mediocre mix on the first one. I have since figured out the volume controls. Yeay.

ISC #3 – Sharon Jones, Feist, Rockabilly, Heiruspecs

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I thought the following link deserved it’s own post… (more…)

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