It’s been a while since I had a useful forum for distributing some of the things I find on the internet in any given day, so some of these are fairly old. That said, I will start with the joys of youtube, and proceed on from there…

In no particular order ….

Orson Welles tells us why we should be drinking Paul Masson champagne

The Count sings a song for us (I wonder if muppets are made of futurotic materials…)

Another song, though not from Sesame Street this time (and check the bar at the side for more along these lines).

Two music videos, though you might want to watch these in more private settings. No one must know your secret. They wouldn’t understand. Well, Ian would, but that’s not really helpful.

This man is really tough – I could never take on that many opponents and do as well.

This video is from a while back, but it’s still worth linking to it since I must have missed one or two people the first time I found it. Make sure to watch at least through half of it for the real beauty of the thing.

And finally, also from a while back, this should bring back fond memories of summer, and picnics, and potato salad, and horrible alien monsters.

Now that those are over with, here are some non-video selections –

I’m not certain precisely what this is, but there’s something more than a little unnerving about this series of photos. (Are they having orgasms? I hope so. Any other explanation would only be worse.)

This is a little depressing. Depressing and arousing. Let’s all forget I said that.

I think there’s something a little adorable about this, but I suppose it’s worth adding a warning – others have disagreed.

This is just impressive from a technical standpoint. (I would also suggest checking out a few of the other downloads they have.)

This is kind of neat, though how they avoided titling it “Robots control cockroach army” I will never know. It’s probably best not to panic at the thought – if it isn’t too late already there’s nothing you can do anyway.