A couple of weeks ago, I was bitten by the love bug and now I’m smitten. You know that feeling of butterflies in your stomach you get when pass by someone you like? That giddiness that floods over you when thinking about that person? Well, I’ve been suffering from those symptoms since I saw Enter the Haggis play at the High Noon Saloon on November 14.

Enter the Haggis categorizes themselves as a celtic rock band. Drums, bass, couple of guitars, keys, bagpipe, fiddle, pipe and thick, rich, rich, rich, four-part vocals. I should admit that my background is completely Irish, so there may be a genetic component involved in my attraction to the music in the first place. That said, many of their songs hover solidly and awesomely within celtic rock. They’re bold, incessantly drive the beat until your hips start moving, unfurl tales of drinking and make you want to grab your pint and shout “yeah!” Just those songs alone induce head bopping and waves of happiness. However, what makes Enter the Haggis such a great band is that they incorporate many other styles of music and successfully fuse them with celtic rock. (not a small feat, my friends)

Occasionally when concentrating on music, I’ll close my eyes and let my head drop. (Sometimes I get distracted by other people or the beer in my hand.) During such a moment at the show, one song started with an incredibly funky guitar riff. I smiled and started bouncing my knee to the beat. After a good sixteen measures of the syncopated wah-ness, I looked up and saw the frickin’ fiddler bowing the funky goodness through an effects peddle. Are you kidding me?! Delighted and impressed, I laughed heartily and grooved with him. The band joined him and managed to keep the funk going with a celtic flair WITHOUT making it seem like a gimmick. This is not a trivial obstacle to overcome.

The whole show was energizing and had most of the unfortunately small audience grooving while seated or off their bums in front of the stage. It put me in a great mood and the band’s “Northhampton” CD has had me dancing in lab for days.

If they’re playing in or near your city, go see them. Seriously. I guarantee it’ll be a good time.