No, I haven’t decided for whom I’m voting yet.  Yes, I know I have only a couple of months left to decide.  I’ll get there, okay?  In the meantime, let’s talk about this weekend’s big political move.  Oprah!

I love Oprah.  I mean, love her.  She’s great.  My mom and I used to watch her show when I came home in middle school.  She’s smart, savvy, seemingly honest, and a powerful, self-made woman.  In my opinion, great qualities to look up to as a young woman.  Even though I haven’t watched her show in years, I am interested in why Oprah endorsed Barack Obama.  Okay, I know she said that she believes “in his moral authority,” but that’s really vague.  Plus, being president isn’t a terribly moral job these days.

If Oprah could lay down the law and point out specifically why Obama is better than the other candidates, besides spouting out how hopeful a candidate he is, than I’m willing to listen.  Hell, I’m interested in listening.  I don’t believe people should be swayed to Obama just because Oprah endorsed him, but I do believe that we should listen to why a smart woman would choose him.  I think I may be disappointed, though, as I predict that Oprah won’t spell out her reasons for why we should vote for Obama.  We all know he’s a great orator, a hopeful idealist, and a smart man.  Why are his policies better than everyone else’s?  Hm, Oprah?