I hope you will all be going out and casting a vote in the primaries, providing you’re in a Super Tuesday state. I will be going to the bar. The Bryant Lake Bowl is my caucus location. Further proof that the Minnesota DFL loves me and wants me to be happy.

The shakedown at Electoral Vote is looking like this will not be a knockout for either Democratic candidate, and Romney will, baring a miracle, get knocked out of meaningful contention. That’s good news and bad news. My friends in states that have yet to vote are mostly blue as the day is long. That means their votes will still be meaningful. Of course it also means McCain may well get to circle the wagons while the Dems go into a brokered convention.

On a more local level… Al Franken and Mike Ciresi are in contention for the Dem senate nod. Franken passed into the stage of pissing me off entirely when his campaign called my mother (in another damn state) for a campaign contribution. Al, you are not a national race, not at the senate primary stage. I can’t shake the feeling that Ciresi, who made his money slapping Big Tobacco around, would be the better guy to face off against Norm Coleman. I have a hard time taking a satirist running for the senate seriously. If you’re in MN, please do lend a voice on this one, regardless of which way you lean.

P.S. I also can’t stand the way Franken has been parading around the fact that his wife won some hot dish competition back in the day. To me, that reeks of East Coast condescension. He spent how many decades out in New York, and then comes back here to run for a senate seat? “What do Minnesotans like… I know, hot dish!” Is there a term for inverse carpet bagging?