Lack of planning and foresight, along with a new work schedule, kept causabon and I from making a showing in this month’s Mixology Monday. It always seems like the most exciting months are the ones where I totally drop the ball.

That doesn’t mean that there weren’t lots of great posts though. You can see them all over at jimmy’s cocktail hour. I’m going to highlight a few of them that really caught my eye.

David Wondrich has started chiming in. This time it’s a variation on the Clover Club called a Hot Pink Handgun. I fully expect causabon to love this. He has a weakness for pink drinks.

There are of course some explorations of the the classics, with Jamie Boudreau taking a look at the Sazerac and host blogger jimmy taking a look at the Sidecar. The Sidecar is not just a great drink, but a wonderful one to learn with, as you can mix it in so many ways without screwing up. In fact, until I got one at Zeno in Uptown, I considered it impossible to fuck up.

(Lest I seem too mean, I do like Zeno, but seriously, the formulation seemed to be: half cognac, half cointreau, tiny splash of lemon juice, shake until watery. Blech.)

But my favorite of the many posts was over at Oh Gosh! Six Degrees of Separation. Manhattan to Aviation. It makes me wonder what other drinks you can take to an aviation in six steps. Seeing as the Aviation seems to be a favorite of at least half of the drinks bloggers out there, maybe they’re on to something. Does the drink share more than just a few phonemes with Kevin Bacon?