When last you saw a cocktail post on this site… well, that was last week. It’s also the last post. There was a second post promised at the end.

After having the better part of the three drinks listed in that post, I must admit I had lost some inhibition. When this happens, one of the first things I start to do is try drinks that use ingredients I don’t trust. Because… you know.. the best thing to do when you’re drunk is something you’ll regret later. In this case it was using Parfait Amour.

causabon and I had been leafing through the Hon. Bum Berry’s books all night. I’ve a bottle of Parfait Amour that I’ll openly admit I’m simply trying to get through. At this point I don’t really feel the need to get another. But the irony of buying the more obscure liquors is that getting through a whole bottle in less than two years means you probably found a drink worth mixing. The search continues.

To this end, we mixed up a Joan Bennett.

Joan Bennett

2 oz. Unsweetened Pineapple Juice
1 oz. Parfait Amour
2 oz. White Puerto Rican Rum

Shake with a cup of crushed ice, pour into a glass, top with more ice.

Well, I like the real Joan Bennett more. The problem, as causabon will point out, was not that the drink was unbalanced. The problem is that the drink has Parfait Amour in it. For those of you who don’t own a bottle, Parfait Amour has an almost magical nature. That magic makes almost any drink that contains the stuff taste like bubble gum. The Joan Bennett was a long tall drink of bubble gum, with pineapple to accent. This is not my thing, but I hate wasting food and drink. Usually causabon steps in, as he did the time I made a Godfather, and pours the drink down the sink when I’m not looking. His respect for the drink prevented him this time, causing me to consume the whole thing. That’s right, I blame him.

I was further saddened to learn that the great scandal sheet story of Bennett getting caught in bed with her agent, Jennings Lang, was legend. Her husband actually “caught” the agent standing at her car. Lang had dropped Joan off and then stuck around to talk to her. The agent took two bullets, one in the hip and the other in the groin. Joan’s movie career never really recovered. The double standard kicked in, and as he had merely shot a man in the crotch, her husband rejoined the boy’s club, where he continued to make movies.

causabon: It is sad to hear about the story. My opinions, as they usually do with drinks, are more or less the same as Ian’s when it comes to this drink. It’s a really excellent drink – the balance is wonderful, the flavors mesh in a really nice way, despite being sweet it avoids being overly sweet, and overall it’s just a well crafted thing. It also tastes more or less like bubblegum, and I could only take a sip or two of it. Blech. I would never make this for myself, but I wouldn’t hesitate to make it for someone else, and not, as my friends reading this are suspecting, just as a joke. It is good. But your tastes would have to be pretty different from mine to enjoy it.