A few years ago cuasabon and I, along with our erstwhile co-imbiber Mr. MoosyFate (I don’t know what his stance is on his name and how public it should be.) got very into infusing vodka. We had almost as many bottles going under he bar as there were commercial products on the top. Like all experiments there were winners and losers. None of the sun dried tomato trials worked very well as I recall. A few rose above the heap and still sit in my bar to this day.

A new batch of one of my favorites is infusing right now. Since our little experiments I’ve made a batch of lime-basil-mint vodka every year, when the snow melts.

It’s as simple as can be.

LBM Infusion

Zest of half a lime
12-20 Basil leaves (this depends on the size)
12-20 Mint leaves (again, size)
750 ml of vodka

Put the zest and leaves into the bottle and let sit for at least a week.

I don’t know anyone lazy enough to consider that work.

You can of course add more if you want the taste to be stronger, that’s going to be fairly subtle when you are done. You will also want the vodka to be a decent brand. Back in the day we were checking to see if running bad vodka through a water filter actually made it better, and it did, but it burns through the filters and takes at least five times through. You’re better off just getting good vodka. High proof will help pull the flavors out.

So what do you use this in?

Garden Tonic

2 oz LBM Infusion
6 oz Tonic Water

Build in the glass with plenty of ice.

The garnish on this can be either a wedge of lime, or a mint sprig, you’ve got both at play in there.

I’m happy enough with this drink that I haven’t bothered to go further afield, though there are probably other good drinks you can make with the stuff. Will it replace the Gin and Tonic? It’ll give it a run.