Mixology MondayMixlogy Monday this week is over at the Scofflaw’s Den, and it’s bourbon. Bless their booze soaked hearts.

In the rich heritage of American drinking, bourbon stands tall. While many a modern man goes to bars and does shots of vodka, our cultural heroes drink whisky, and when most Americans think of whisky, it is bourbon they are thinking of. “Brownest of the brown liquors,” says Lionel Hutz. Rye may have dominated the northern palate, but when it failed to bounce back after prohibition, bourbon was ready to step in with its rich vanilla and oak flavors. So powerful is its image that when politicians need to show they’ve got the stones to lead, their handlers stick them with a shot of the stuff, tell them to drink it down and smile for the cameras.

Q: What could possibly make bourbon more manly?

A: Raw egg.

The bourbon flip is a simple drink to prepare, a sort of eggnog for the Chuck Norris crowd. Ok, maybe not, but I hated Walker Texas Ranger anyway.

Bourbon Flip

2 oz. bourbon
1 whole egg
1 dash simple syrup

Shake these three hard, possibly with a dash of aromatic bitters, though they are not strictly necessary. Strain into glass and grate some nutmeg over the top.

Be sure to pick a feisty bourbon, because that egg is going to cover over a fair amount of the whisky’s fire. If you don’t have a grater, try cutting the nutmeg clove carefully with a knife. The bits will be a little bigger, but the foam on top will be able to hold them, and the results will be much better than tapping out some of that pre-ground stuff that’s been in your spice cabinet for two years. Hat tip to the Teardrop Lounge for reminding me just how tasty flips can be.