MK grew up in the Northeast. Hints of a New Jersey accent can be heard whenever she says a word that contains “nt”, like important, Trenton or mutant. The last word is problematic as after graduating from college in 2006, she chose genetics for graduate school.

Tracy Hruska: The yeti is about 25 and tall. He went to Carleton College, but sometimes has a hard time remembering why. He travels often and showers rarely. His current effort seems to be to attempt as many career fields as possible, and find the shortcomings in all of them.
He probably doesn’t like you.

Travis Lund is currently attending the Berklee College of Music in Boston studying Guitar Performance and Music Synthesis. He occasionally finds time for other pursuits (books, booze, and this here blog thingy.)

Ian Macleod also posts at his own site, Some Words. He lives in Minneapolis. Most of his time is spent writing, contemplating getting off his ass about grad school, and despairing about the average computer user.

Laura Owen was born in Oxford, grew up in Arizona, and went to Minnesota for school. She graduated from Carleton College in 2004, and is now getting her M.F.A. in Creative Writing (Fiction) at the University of Minnesota, where she teaches literature, creative writing, and composition. She also works on Dislocate, the graduate program’s literary magazine. She is not very good at thinking up witty bios. She likes cheese?

causabon is a philosophy graduate student interested in keeping his name out of search engines. He grew up in a variety of places, but failed to be interesting as a result. Currently he lives in Minneapolis, where he spends his time putting off work and panicking about the amount of work he has to do. He also enjoys starting fights, and editing other people’s comments.


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