Two short things

1) A request: Colin, what’s it been like being on the ground in Pennsylvania with the _six weeks_ of primary madness there now finally coming to an end (sort of)? And how do you feel about Hilary’s win? That kind of sounds like a weird formal interview question or something (“how do you feel about world peace?”) but I’m curious.

2) English nerds, this is for you: lately I’ve been obsessed with, where you answer vocabulary questions. For every word you get right, 20 grains of rice are donated to the UN World Food Program. It’s all my weird word nerdiness finally put some good use!


You can read it right here.

She’s arguing that the idea of increased food stamp allowances wouldn’t be a useful economic stimulus in the way a tax rebate would.  There are five reasons that she gives, and the first is

The poor don’t need more food. Obesity is a problem for the poor in America; except for people who are too screwed up to get food stamps (because they don’t have an address), food insufficiency is not.


Hey there. Jealous as I am that you are all in Minneapolis having fun without me, I have to admit that, well, I love Paris. In the Spring, presumably, but also now: (more…)

When I told people from home that I was going to Alaska to join the commercial fishing industry, they invariably made some excited comment involving The Most Dangerous Catch. The television gods have apparently replaced getting a summer job in the canneries with something a little more scintillating as the standard preconception. People now think of crabbers, trawlers, or purse seiners; the kind of serious fishing boats that spend weeks at a time in the rough, frigid waters of the Bearing Sea and have a tendency to go missing when the big storms hit.
I’m sitting in a 1966 Airstream Land Yacht, throwing distance from the beach on the eastern side of Cook Inlet. It’s the middle of the fishing season, and I haven’t seen a film crew or a snow squall yet. Clearly, this is a different type of fishing. (more…)

Last night, I went out to Brasa, which replaced Betty’s Bikes and Buns at the corner of Central and Hennepin.

It’s clearly supposed to be an upscale sort of place, as upscale as rotisserie chicken and paper cups can get. They make a point of telling you that the meat is local and organic. The bar inside, where they have a wine and beer selection, is shiny metal against a faintly southwest decor. When I say ‘faintly’ it means I really couldn’t tell. I got the impression that was what they were going for. To be honest, there is a certain ‘corn chips and sour cream’ kind of color that makes me think ‘bad attempt at southwest decor.’ (more…)

One of my new favorite activities since graduating from college is cooking. I’ve been helping my mom cook dinner since high school, but I never really paid attention to what I was doing. I’d stir while she chopped, and we’d gossip about the latest drama in my world. Thus, my stirring skills are top notch, while my chopping skills are practically non-existent. So, in order to survive on my own cooking (basically a necessity if you want to be able to save any money in grad school), I started watching the Food Network to learn. Seriously. (more…)