Two short things

1) A request: Colin, what’s it been like being on the ground in Pennsylvania with the _six weeks_ of primary madness there now finally coming to an end (sort of)? And how do you feel about Hilary’s win? That kind of sounds like a weird formal interview question or something (“how do you feel about world peace?”) but I’m curious.

2) English nerds, this is for you: lately I’ve been obsessed with, where you answer vocabulary questions. For every word you get right, 20 grains of rice are donated to the UN World Food Program. It’s all my weird word nerdiness finally put some good use!


After several years of making fun of them, I am a little sheepish about the fact that I am starting to come around to what the polyamory people have always espoused, though, I think, for different reasons.

Our society is losing connection between people, and has been for a long time. I don’t mean this new ‘interconnectivity’ bullshit given to us by texting and i.m. I mean a legitimate emotional connection between individuals. I think an increase in sex and non-possessive relationships would help that, but we would have to change our motivations and the way we view sex. (more…)

So I was reading through the comment spam logs because it was that or doing the work I have to hand in tomorrow and I came across one which actually seemed to have a point behind it, and was not, in other words, a series of links to pornography.


This article at on where significant concentrations of bacteria can be found starts out on an almost reasonable footing, talking about kitchen sinks (they recommend bleaching them twice a week) and airplane bathrooms. The recommend, by the way, putting the lid down before flushing (a recommendation I’ve heard before*, and cheerfully ignored that time as well). But it doesn’t take long before the article goes a little off the deep end… (more…)

Check this article out.  Great point.  What more does a billionaire need?  A legacy as large as King Tut’s.  I’m slightly hesitant to argue fervently for private financing of other massive endeavors.  Like education, for example.  However, Bill Gates has given a plethora of grants to public school systems across the nation and in other countries to improve.  I applaud his efforts in public education, and I hope his money brings success.  I don’t think we can rely on billionaires to bankroll major overhauls of previously public projects.  Right?  Or is this the way of the future?  Is this the way for America to “stay on top”?  (Air quotes, please)

It’s a quarter to one, morning time, and the sky is a sickly shade of yellow. I’m back in the city. One more time around, grab that handle and give it a spin. See how long I can hold on before internal forces overcome external sociology and I am once again thrown out to the wilds. Somehow I keep dragging myself back into these hives of human ingenuity and waste, looking for the golden key that will let me into the healthy, balanced lifestyle everyone told me to expect when I was Accomplishing Something in school. Hey, teach, I ain’t found it yet.

Having already gone bowling with friends and surfed porn on “borrowed” wi-fi, I’m left to wonder what more the city has to offer. I don’t mean that in a satisfied way.  I mean Why do people come to cities in the first place? Jobs and social interaction. If you are the type that would rather avoid both, what then? Can the coffee shops and museums compensate for the sweltering press of a hundred thousand egos, appetites, dreams, and petty misgivings that bears down on you every minute of the day? People in the country drink to beat boredom and depression. People in the city drink to beat stress and depression. It’s a good thing we’ve got this system of living figured out so well, or the future of our society might really look bleak. And thank God we’ve got ANWAR to fall back if things ever get really rough. Once we’ve got that tapped, it’ll pull us through any hard times.