One of our larger Christmas presents this year was tickets to the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall in the city.  New York City.  Seriously.  (more…)


Last week, the space shuttle Discovery passed its pre-flight overview. Concerns about the shuttle wings were widely reported in the news. After each somewhat violent re-entry to the Earth’s atmosphere, there is a small loss of the coating on the leading edge of the wing. However, this loss has not amounted to any sort of overall degradation of the wing, so the shuttle will launch as scheduled on October 23. NASA engineers did recommend replacing three of the wing panels at some point, so Discovery might be sidelined for a while after its return.

And in other, more bizarre space news… (more…)

You might think small talk in lab revolves around the most recent scientific breakthrough (It’s Nobel week!! Eeeee!!!) or the latest micropipettor improvement (“you know, the ergonomic design of my last micropipettor really made those serial dilutions for the Bradford assay zip by”). Well, frequently it does. (I’ll save you the breath: “nerds.”) On Thursday mornings in my lab, however, the conversation centers on trashy TV. Wonderfully delicious, shamefully melodramatic, gasp-inducing pearls of guilty television pleasure. What shows? America’s Next Top Model and Gossip Girl, of course. The CW’s new Wednesday night line-up has quickly become our gush-worthy, ridiculously entertaining fountain of water cooler talk. (heh) Well, lab bench-side talk, I should say. (more…)

My precocious parents retired early at 55 and moved into a New Jersey retirement community (sorry, “55+ active adult community”) by 58.  I shouldn’t have been as surprised since our house mantras were “There’s only so much time!” and “Always be prepared.”  Like a cross between an anxious military and a group of boy scouts, our family was always early and could adapt to most situations.  I just didn’t anticipate dealing with this move while I was still in college.  The housing market was hot, though, so my parents made the plunge into active adult living a week before I turned 21.  (more…)