Hey guys. How’re you? I’ve missed you! For various reasons too complicated and boring to explain here, I probably won’t be posting much here anymore. I — gosh, this is hard — have actually been posting on my own blog for awhile now. It started as a summer fling, merely to keep track of how much I was writing and I only told a few folks about it. But it was fun! And before you know it, I was hooked! And then graduate school started, and I had to, like, take classes and teach classes and I started a new job, and I got busy, and I haven’t even been posting on that blog, so…

Yeah, yeah. World’s tiniest violin.

The point being, the new site is called Thoughts for a Sunshiney Morning. Check it out if you’d like. It’s on blogger, which actually sucks–WordPress is way better. But I’m too lazy to switch over.

But I have a final piece of ‘Spar business to take care of, which is: Off-Leash Area. As you may or may not recall, I wrote a review of a show they did some time ago. Anyway, they saw the review, and got in contact with me, and they’re nice people, and now I’m on their board. So don’t let nobody tell you Icelandspar never did anything for me.

So, as one of my first duties as a board member, I’m “hosting” one of the garage shows tonight. That means that I’m going to greet people, make a little speech before the show, and hang out afterwards and have drinks and chat with people by the bonfire.

So, Off-Leash Area fans, you should go! There are shows tonight, Saturday, and Sunday. Check out the website for more information, or look at this:

With a cast of three powerful women, including
Jennifer Ilse,
Co-Artistic Director  OLA
Karla Grotting,
2007 McKnight Dance Fellow,
Elena Giannetti

Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays
2 Weekends ONLY
October 3rd through 12th
ALL Shows - 7pm

Attendance to shows in Our Garage are
by Advance Reservation Only
Please call: 612-724-7372
Suggested Donation: $10-$15
(donations at the garage)

Join Us
after the show
refreshments by the fire pit in Our Backyard

Got a chance to see Off-Leash Area’s new show on Friday. If you read this and think “Damn, that sounds amazing. Why was Laura so delayed with her insightful review?” never fear. Not only do they have shows this upcoming weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but they’ve added more shows! Friday and Saturday, November 9th and 10th.

Off-Leash area is very difficult to sell to your friends. Every time I want to go to a show, I find myself in the position of persuading people to come with me. Maybe it’s me, but the conversations tend to always go something like this: (more…)

Two more Minneapolis shows that deserve your attention! The caveat here is that my endorsement comes entirely from the presence of people I know and like being in said shows, rather than an objective analysis of the theater companies in question. Nevertheless, both shows sound interesting, I’ll be there, and the people I know are redonkously talented (it’s a technical, theater term). (more…)

My new apartment is on the ground floor. I love this in many ways, as it means I have lots of windows and light, plus it’s easy to get things in and out of my apartment. However, this also means that I always have to have my blinds and curtains down, if I don’t wish the guys drinking beer in the alley at 9 am in the morning to see me in my underwear.

It also means I’m privy to lots of noise and conversations. My apartment is also right near the dumpster, meaning that homeless people are frequently looking through the dumpster for cans and bottles. I awoke the other morning, to over hear this conversation: (more…)

I discovered Fountains of Wayne when I was a freshman in high school. I loved their first, self-titled album with a fervent passion intensified by the fact that they felt like a secret club only me and my best friend, Mary, belonged to. No one had heard of Fountains of Wayne. And that had never happened to me before — I had always felt behind the curve, music-wise. I listened to the old rock music my parents liked.

But there was nothing about the band that was inaccessible — the songs on that album are guitar-heavy, middle-period-Beatles-esque pop with insanely catchy hooks and lyrics that tell small stories about weirdos (or beg a beautiful woman to leave her biker boyfriend). It seemed incredible to me that everyone in the world wasn’t humming these songs. What more could you want? How could you not listen to these funny, smart, hummable songs over and over? (more…)