Sweet Sweet Lovin’


(What’s wrong with a fairy tale anyway?  I figured that I can’t be that cynical at 24.  What would that make me in thirty years? A Republican?)


Alright everyone. It’s Friday night—time to get your groove on. I bit the bullet this week and finally purchased Amy Winehouse’s US debut album “Back to Black.” It’s damn good. Really good. Nothing to lose your mind over, but definitely something to consider. (more…)

The power of music to move a person to tears is a remarkable and sometimes unexpected quality of the medium. When coupled with a real-life event or a powerful cinematic depiction, music can enhance the moment. Although choosing the perfect song for a moment is difficult, the emotion achieved in the end makes it worth it. In some cases, the song may not be linked to a particular moment in time. It could just be a lovely string of notes. This business of music evoking emotion is personal, and certain prized songs mean nothing to others. Below I list some of the songs which have always moved me, whether it be hastening the pace of my heartbeat or drawing tears to my eyes. Enjoy. (more…)

After several years of making fun of them, I am a little sheepish about the fact that I am starting to come around to what the polyamory people have always espoused, though, I think, for different reasons.

Our society is losing connection between people, and has been for a long time. I don’t mean this new ‘interconnectivity’ bullshit given to us by texting and i.m. I mean a legitimate emotional connection between individuals. I think an increase in sex and non-possessive relationships would help that, but we would have to change our motivations and the way we view sex. (more…)

So I was reading through the comment spam logs because it was that or doing the work I have to hand in tomorrow and I came across one which actually seemed to have a point behind it, and was not, in other words, a series of links to pornography.


Last week, researchers from Harvard published a paper with the most gorgeous images I’ve seen in a long time. Now, I work in a microscopy lab, so I see beautiful biological images all the time. These new images of neurons, however, blew me away. (more…)

You might think small talk in lab revolves around the most recent scientific breakthrough (It’s Nobel week!! Eeeee!!!) or the latest micropipettor improvement (“you know, the ergonomic design of my last micropipettor really made those serial dilutions for the Bradford assay zip by”). Well, frequently it does. (I’ll save you the breath: “nerds.”) On Thursday mornings in my lab, however, the conversation centers on trashy TV. Wonderfully delicious, shamefully melodramatic, gasp-inducing pearls of guilty television pleasure. What shows? America’s Next Top Model and Gossip Girl, of course. The CW’s new Wednesday night line-up has quickly become our gush-worthy, ridiculously entertaining fountain of water cooler talk. (heh) Well, lab bench-side talk, I should say. (more…)

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