You might think small talk in lab revolves around the most recent scientific breakthrough (It’s Nobel week!! Eeeee!!!) or the latest micropipettor improvement (“you know, the ergonomic design of my last micropipettor really made those serial dilutions for the Bradford assay zip by”). Well, frequently it does. (I’ll save you the breath: “nerds.”) On Thursday mornings in my lab, however, the conversation centers on trashy TV. Wonderfully delicious, shamefully melodramatic, gasp-inducing pearls of guilty television pleasure. What shows? America’s Next Top Model and Gossip Girl, of course. The CW’s new Wednesday night line-up has quickly become our gush-worthy, ridiculously entertaining fountain of water cooler talk. (heh) Well, lab bench-side talk, I should say. (more…)


One of my new favorite activities since graduating from college is cooking. I’ve been helping my mom cook dinner since high school, but I never really paid attention to what I was doing. I’d stir while she chopped, and we’d gossip about the latest drama in my world. Thus, my stirring skills are top notch, while my chopping skills are practically non-existent. So, in order to survive on my own cooking (basically a necessity if you want to be able to save any money in grad school), I started watching the Food Network to learn. Seriously. (more…)

Have you ever watched C-SPAN? I mean, really watched it? My past attempts have always been foiled by tuning in when the senate was in recess, and thus, I grew bitter at the channel’s existence. I believed it was yet another channel to go through to get to the Food Network or Bravo. However, my brother urged me this past weekend to give C-SPAN another chance. He said it was much better when senators are actually delivering their speeches. I gave in–I mean, I have to watch something to balance out my watching of “Hey Paula!” Yikes. (And yes, I’m ashamed.) Yesterday, when I read the Democrats had planned an all-night debate on the Iraq war, I thought, here’s my chance! (more…)