Over the past few years several of us here at Iceland Spar have been in bands together. We even managed to record a few things. Have a listen.

Pretty To Think So:

2 AM
Time Isn’t Mine
I’m A Wreck
Too Many Troubadours
Too Many Troubadours (older version)

MK  – Drums
Colin Browne – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Ian Macleod – Bass, Vocals
Garrett Warshaw – Keys

Whiskey Soluble:

Ginger Ninja
Feets In A Meter
Mean Old Train

MK – Drums
Colin Browne – Rhythm Guitar
Travis Lund – Lead Guitar, Vocals
Ian Macleod – Bass

All of these songs were recorded on a minidisc player and edited with a version of CoolEdit Pro from (not kidding here) 1994, so while the musicianship more or less respectable, the recording quality is a little spotty. For better quality recordings, call Lost Highway records and tell them to sign us.

We wrote all of these songs. If you steal them and get famous playing them, we’ll be sad.

Files hosted by Hotlinkfiles.com


2 Responses to “Music”

  1. This is the coolest Web site with the name ‘Iceland’ in it that I have ever seen!!

    He he he. I did insert a link on my blog to it, just in case people get bored with all things Italian.

    Nice work, and good luck!

    Best wishes,

  2. I don’t know about that. I’m not sure I agree with your ideas. I’ll just agree to disagree. Thanks for the post.

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